Temporary Jobs

Amidst current challenges like changing working dynamics and inflation, many businesses seek to hire temporary resources for various projects. Temp jobs offer excellent professional outlets for candidates to explore opportunities and learn new skills. Individuals can fill gaps in their resumes, earn extra income, and expand their networks. They can also land permanent jobs in the same organization after proving themselves while working temp service jobs. However, that requires hard work, persistence, and flexibility in one’s attitude.

Amid current challenges like changing working dynamics and inflation, many businesses seek to hire temporary resources for various projects.

How to Turn Temp Jobs into Permanent Jobs?

Businesses invest significantly in talent acquisition strategy to hire top talent. Even after creating job posts, parsing hundreds of resumes, technical screening, and conducting interviews, there is no guarantee that hired resources will be the best fit for an organization. Temporary placements, on the other hand, allow companies to closely observe an employee’s performance and attitude. Thus, considering temp staff for full-time positions can minimize risks like hiring an insubordinate employee or poor cultural fit.

Adhering to the following tips can help you stand out and become the top choice for a more permanent role:

Be Punctual and Dependable

Tardiness and absenteeism create a negative impression of any employee. Such habits can overshadow his or her otherwise excellent performance. For that reason alone, consistent punctuality is crucial for a positive performance review.

Quite often, the workplace benefits afforded to permanent associates, such as open enrollment communication, are not provided to contractors. Even if a company includes paid time off for contract workers, it is highly advisable to only occasionally request time off, and never during periods of high workload.

Show a Positive Attitude and Commitment

Hiring managers rate a positive attitude as a paramount consideration when making permanent hiring decisions. Showing commitment to completing one’s daily tasks and exceeding expectations and commitments further paints a positive image. However, make sure not to take on more work than you can handle; it can quickly lead to burnout.

Learn New Skills

Temporary positions largely have a learning curve. For example, tech roles may require you to learn new applications, like becoming an expert at a new CMS and adapting to their internal communication software. Other skills can be harder to acquire. It can be challenging at times, but it is important to embrace learning opportunities as they add more value to one’s hiring profile. Those skills can bring you to the attention of a company’s management or recruiters of a staffing agency for more robust roles.

Be Flexible

Businesses often hire temp employees for important projects. Accordingly, you may be required to assist with tasks that are not included in your job description. This is a frequent practice for those working in technical or remote temp jobs. Showing willingness and flexibility to help in your temporary position can go a long way to increasing your chances of being considered for a more permanent role.

Build Your Network

Temporary jobs can help you expand your network; they present a great opportunity to build positive relationships. Actively contributing to maintaining a healthy working environment can also help avoid situations such as a stressful workplace investigation process.

You can leverage your network for job referrals and potential collaborations. When asked about your performance and attitude by hiring managers, positive feedback from your colleagues can improve your chances of landing a permanent position.

Ask for Feedback

Seeking feedback from one’s supervisors and colleagues is crucial for improving your skills and overall performance. Moreover, it shows your commitment to continuous improvement. When reflected in your performance reports. Positive feedback can help you become a top choice for the company to permanently fill the position in question. Likewise, positive feedback and character references from your managers can increase your chances of success at any organization.


Many companies work to fill positions both internally and externally. Temporary employees can get an edge over other candidates, solely on the basis of their internal presence and familiarity with the organization. A positive attitude and willingness to adapt and learn can help you land a permanent position with all the benefits afforded to your associates and colleagues.

For those just starting their careers, considering contract positions posted through a third party, whether through a staffing agency or a jobs database, is the first step in showing your mettle. With patience and persistence, you will quickly land a permanent role!

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