Video Interview Platforms

The aftermath of the pandemic led to a global surge in remote work. Corresponding technological advancements have evolved work cultures, introducing robust video interview platforms that aid virtual connections.

This blog explores top video interview tools and platforms, highlighting uses and benefits of each:

A household name, Zoom’s capabilities extend beyond video conferencing. Supporting an intuitive and easy to use interface, this video interviewing software schedules interviews, sends invitations, and conducts meetings. Zoom facilitates various other HR tools, making it a preferred choice for recruiters internationally.

Microsoft Teams

Seamlessly integrated with Microsoft 365, Teams proves to be a comprehensive solution. Encryption and multifactor authentication make it a secure platform.

It is an ideal choice for professionals who are already familiar with Microsoft. Centralized or decentralized, Teams offers transcription and translation capabilities to all its users.


Powered by Microsoft, Skype remains reliable in the industry. Given its straightforward features, most professionals are familiar with its interface.  The platform enables video and voice calls, instant messaging, and screen sharing.

A distinctive trait of Skype is its global reach.  Given its global accessibility, many users prefer it over other systems. While it is not as advanced as other video interview platforms, the ease and accessibility it offers makes it a compelling choice.

Google Meet

Stemming from Google Workspace, Google Meet focuses on ease and accessibility. With high-definition video and audio, real-time captioning, and screen sharing options, the system also integrates with other Google applications, including Calendar, Drive, Docs, and more. Its systematic style helps filter candidates that may cause insubordination in the workplace.

Google Meet’s cross-platform compatibility makes it a popular choice amongst recruiters.


Designed explicitly for the hiring process, HireVue tailors to streamline and improve the interview and recruitment process. Take advantage of AI-driven video assessments, interview scheduling, and analytics. Using AI, generate valuable insights on candidates to analyze and identify the right picks.

The platform is designed to reduce bias in the hiring process by efficiently carrying out objective assessments of candidates.

Spark Hire

Featuring one-way video interviews, live interviews, interview scorecards, and integrations with popular applicant tracking systems (ATS), Skype Hire is a user-friendly video interview platform. The “Interview Practice” option allows candidates to familiarize themselves with the platform and format before the real interview.

For well-informed hiring decisions, make use of team collaborations. The ability to customize interview questions and automize interview scheduling are valued by recruiters.


VidCruiter features advanced recruiting technology. Inhibiting range of traits, experience one-way interviews, live interviews, and automated interview scheduling. Pre-recorded interviews powered with AI-driven assessments allow for an efficient candidate evaluation process. VidCruiter can also be tailored to satisfy company-specific requirements.

Cisco Webex

An established name in the digital world, Cisco Webex has expanded its offerings to include video interviews. High security features make it a reliable choice for users working with sensitive data – end-to-end encryption insulates sensitive data.

HD video, screen sharing, and whiteboarding also allow collaborative interviews and technical assessments, and also seamlessly integrate with many company-specific HR tools.

An emerging platform, encompasses AI-powered interview scheduling, chatbots, and automation features. The tool streamlines the interview process through automation (interview scheduling, reminders, and follow-up communication). Using talent acquisition innovation, minimizes administrative tasks, freeing recruiters to focus on assessing candidates.

The chatbot can deal with any rising candidate concerns and queries regarding the interview process. The platform is integrated with popular applications, further enhancing efficiency. However, when compared to other similar platforms, there are many features still lacking.


With its user-friendly and customizable interface, GreenJobInterview is focused on candidate engagement.

Integrated with applicant tracking systems, recruiters can efficiently manage and track candidates. In partnership with a staffing agency in Pittsburgh, online interviews can be scheduled on GreenJobInterview. For managers keen on candidate experience and strengthening brand image, this platform makes for an excellent choice.

In collaboration with a staffing partner, the right video interview platform can help any company to streamline its interview process, enhance the candidate experience, and ultimately promote and enable more informed hiring decisions.

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