The Best Employee Feedback Tools for Use in 2023
Retaining valuable employees is an ongoing challenge in the current job market. For this reason alone, organizations are highly focused on fostering a healthy and holistic company culture. An effective way to monitor company culture is by conducting employee surveys and gaining valuable employee feedback; however, this only works if the right tools are in place to support such feedback.

Below is a list of the most popular employee feedback tools for 2024.

The implementation of the right tool is key. CultureMonkey is an employee feedback tool that allows organizations to gather data and incorporate the resulting feedback effectively. By studying employee engagement and determining primary areas for improvement, CultureMonkey lends valuable clarity to company culture. There are a range of templates available that can be tailored to company needs, including mobile-friendly templates. Not only does this flexibility make it easy for employees to take the survey, but it is also a convenient tool for tracking employee lifecycles.


15five serves as an employee feedback platform, providing a space for employees to share their concerns with their managers, participate in weekly check-ins, set goals, and track their overall performances. The tool encourages harmony and trust between employees and managers, especially in cases where by continuous improvement has been identified as a professional goal. The Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) trait on 15five clearly delineates major organizational goals, keeping things both simple and synchronized.


Officevibe aids management in constantly improving employee engagement and overall user satisfaction. A key feature of Officevibe is the option for employees to submit anonymous feedback. In this manner, employees can feel secure in their feedback and honest about their respective points of view. Furthermore, such candid and actionable insight ensures that any company can fairly assess areas that require improvement. The tool is a great way for organizations to achieve meaningful change and keep direct hires satisfied.


Qualtrics operates on a cloud-based employee engagement software. It is a broad feedback tool that enables management to actively improve employee experience. There are a variety of features that help in the collection of employee feedback, parsing of qualified data analysis, collation of identified issues, and improvement of overall employee experience. Qualtrics supports numerous employee feedback examples in its processes, enabling a focused emphasis on pain points and areas of improvement.


Known to be a user-friendly platform, TINYpulse offers credible insight into employee engagement and collection of employee feedback. Features include pulse surveys, real-time feedback modules, anonymous feedback, and employee recognition, just to name a few. Utilized in tandem, these features drastically reduce cases of friction and insubordination. Moreover, the employee recognition feature is a great way to make employees feel seen for their hard work and efforts.

Quantum Workplace

This platform is a great way for companies to gather employee feedback and drive business results. The software is equipped with a range of features that easily allow stakeholders to collect employee feedback, analyze the collected data, and take steps to improve the overall employee experience. Employee surveys on Quantum Workplace provides extensive data to tailor a positive company culture; the robust data available relative to employee lifecycles allows management to tap into the sentiments of the team, thereby encouraging large-scale and holistic improvements to the employee experience.


Lattice has proven to be an effective employee feedback tool when it comes to improving employee engagement and performance. The 360-degree feature enables a dual gathering of feedback and corresponding response to each employee. The feedback delivered in response is derived from employee managers, peers, and direct reports. Such a holistic approach is a great way for employees to obtain differing perspectives on their work and attitude. Not only does this provide immediate and valuable insight, it is also a great way to boost employee growth.

Culture Amp

A prime aim of Culture Amp is to improve a company’s employee retention rate. The cloud-based platform collects valuable insights on employee performance. Management can leverage these insights to study employee satisfaction and general workplace trends. Based on the results, steps can be taken to improve the employee experience and extend the employee lifecycle.

Summing Up

Employee feedback tools are a great way to streamline interactions between all branches of a company. Not only do these tools help employees feel heard, but they are also effective in maintaining a smooth and collaborative work environment, delivering consistent feedback, and improving company culture. As always, regular feedback should be supplemented by frequent recognition, appreciation, and reward. Observing and celebrating events like Administrative Professionals Day 2024 should be part of such retention strategies.  The resulting optimism and energy encourage a happier, healthier workforce and working environment.

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