Choosing an IT Staffing Firm

Working with an IT staffing firm brings a great value proposition to an organization. Rapid growth and increased employee turnover rate are some common reasons businesses decide to work with a staffing agency.

When choosing a staffing agency for the first time, an organization must first be aware of its needs and the capabilities of its staffing partners. As with any investment in long-term growth, mistakes waste time, and resources that could have been leveraged for most profitable expansion elsewhere. Below are some common mistakes to avoid when selecting a staffing partner:

1: Hiring Solely Based on Experience

Experience always matters, of course, but it shouldn’t be the only deciding factor when committing to workforce personnel, or, for that matter, a staffing firm. During your search for staffing partners, you will no doubt come across organizations touting decades of experience. Time alone does not a measure of capability – the intersection of experience and success is what separates the best firms from the remainder.

IT staffing agencies serve an ever-evolving industry. The industry trends have transformed the world-at-large. An agency with fifty years of experience might appear to be an attractive option at face value, but if it has failed to adapt to the trends of the present day, this experience is suddenly rendered negligible.

Ideally, seek out an IT staffing agency whose experience is complemented by a forward-thinking approach and a string of recent successes.

2: Wrong Cultural Fit

The biggest mistake to avoid when searching for and hiring a staffing agency is to settle for the one that aligns with your organization’s culture. It also happens to be the most overlooked mistake. If your organization’s culture centers on awareness of industry laws and regulations, it’s critical that your staffing partners share the same values, and render searches for personnel with that always in mind.

Lack of cultural harmony will impact any organization’s relationship with its partners, particularly on issues of personnel and hiring. Take the time to know with whom you are doing business, a general rule for any successful transaction. The agency must match your company’s ethical standards and a long-term mindset.

3: Limited Communication

Setting idea low bar when it comes to transparency, communication, and overall responsiveness is never a good idea. As with any new partnership, it must first be proven before being considered viable. Communication is critical for any staffing agency, as it relates to clients and candidates alike. Active ongoing communication enables recruiters to source, vet, and polish top candidates for competitive roles. In the same vein, it’s critical that recruiters provide regular feedback to their client(s) throughout the hiring process. This golden rule holds true across the board, from IT staffing agencies to engineering staffing agencies and recruiters specializing in other industries.

Any credible agency should prioritize emails and calls, both incoming and outgoing. They must communicate interview schedules and offer timely follow-ups after every interface. Forthright communication also includes being transparent about recruiting strategies and the talent pool those strategies render.

4: Not Hiring Industry Specific Recruiters

This seems an obvious statement, but many organizations often resort to utilizing general staffing agencies instead of industry-specific professionals. While some recruiters might work across numerous industries, the best and most credible agencies leverage specialized teams within their office and specializing in a single industry discipline each. Rather than general knowledge of a variety of industries, these teams dedicate their time and attention to satisfying clients within a single domain. Specialized recruiters will establish long-standing relationships with hundreds and thousands of qualified IT candidates over their terms of service.

5: Zero-Knowledge of Their Process

If you are not familiar with the process and screening process utilized by your staffing agency, you may be setting yourself up for long-term complications. Transparency and communication from both the client and the staffing firm will eliminate misunderstanding down the line; it will also establish an open door for the transfer of ideas and process improvement.

Moreover, how efficient can an agency be without guidance from its partners? After all, in the simplest terms, the agency must screen the candidates for tech abilities, understand their personality, and identify if the person is the right cultural fit, all on behalf of its client partners

Accredited professional IT agencies always check candidate references. They should also be able to validate why their candidate is in the market. In time, the best agencies remove the burden of screening a consultant altogether. Having the peace of mind to trust a staffing agency and its processes allows businesses to focus on their core operations.

Summing Up

An organization’s relationship with a staffing firm determines what kind of candidates it receives to fill its vacant positions. A reputable and capable IT staffing agency is a pivotal resource for any business. A little research and observation can save time and money over the long term

Reaching out to the agency’s previous client helps verify their expertise. You may also look for reviews on Glassdoor and similar such platforms. Set your expectations straight and avoid these mistakes to find a reliable IT or manufacturing staffing agency and build a lasting relationship.


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