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In healthcare, as in most disciplines, access to a diverse talent pool is very important. Now more than ever, there is a very high employee turnover ratio within the healthcare sector. When healthcare providers and hospitals try to create a talent pipeline on their own, several problems arise.

The most obvious is being limited to a local candidate pool of homogenized talent, to say nothing of the problems associated with hiring and retaining healthcare workers. At times like these, working with a full-service medical staffing agency may be an ideal solution.

Why Healthcare Providers Should Consider Partnering With Recruitment Firms

Partnering with a recruitment firm offers several advantages to healthcare providers. The most impactful reason to do so is simple – to broaden access to a wider and more varied pool of competitive talent. This permits organizations more options to identify talented individuals best suited to their workforce and culture.

Moreover, partnering with an agency helps take a lot of pressure off a team’s internal talent acquisition strategies. Healthcare workers in administrative roles understand that acquiring new talent is not an easy task, especially in an industry as sensitive as patient care. Here are a few other compelling reasons for healthcare organizations to work closely with staffing agencies:

  1. Access to Top-Tier Talent
  2. Diverse Talent Pools
  3. Stronger Hiring

Let’s examine these in more detail below.

Access to Top-Tier Talent

One of the most difficult things about managing in-house recruitment is sorting through all the applications to separate the good candidates from the bad ones. Often, especially with high-volume recruitment, the sheer number of applications can seem daunting. You have to remember that this sorting process takes up considerable time and hampers the efficiency of many teams

A big advantage of staffing firms is that they screen candidates before referring them to you. Seasoned recruiters use many tools to refine their talent pipeline, ensuring that candidates presented for consideration possess the highest success potential. Staffing firms depend on developing a long-term relationship with their clients. As such, ensuring that they deliver candidates that can add value to the workplace is paramount to their own success.

Diverse Talent Pools

With in-house hiring practices alone, options and avenues for acquiring new talent are extremely limited. Most internal HR teams are restricted to a small pool of local talent, limited the variety of skill sets and expertise. Shallow talent pools make for bad hiring decisions – simply put, the best talent is rarely locally sourced. This makes it much harder for HR personnel to find talent that is a perfect match for a role quickly and effectively.

By default, recruiters at staffing agencies already have access to a much larger and much more diverse talent pool than many localized hiring departments. With more choices at hand, the prospect for quick and efficient success is far greater, making for streamlined employee onboarding. This applies to both long-term and short-term roles in healthcare organizations.

Stronger Hiring

Keeping employee turnover to a minimum is a priority for any organization. However, it is often difficult to find talent that meets many employer’s stringent expectations. This is a major contributor to high employee turnover rates in many industries.

When you’re handling hiring yourself, you’re likely only looking at a candidate’s resume and references. This may not always lend a clear picture of a candidate’s long-term potential within your organization. Don’t forget that some less scrupulous individuals are not above dressing up their resumes for a position.

Professional recruiters utilize sophisticated tools – applicant tracking systems and talent intelligence protocols – to optimize their searches and overall hiring process. With more scrutiny and screening, it is very unlikely that a low-quality candidate will make it through a multi-level vetting process.

As the resumes a credible firm sends belong to valuable and talented individuals, organizations can rest assured that their hiring protocol is in good hands.

Of course, working with a staffing firm is only one part of the overall hiring process. You need to do more to ensure successful hiring. You need to do more still to retain that talent. Consider this helpful blog on hiring and retaining talent in the healthcare industry.


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