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Creating a stellar team is a priority for recruiters and managers alike. However, your in-house hiring efforts may not always help you reach that goal. Many businesses supplement their recruitment strategies by partnering with a staffing agency. These agencies play a key role in helping businesses maintain an edge over the competition with talented workforces. If you’re currently on the fence about whether to work with a professional staffing firm, here are a few compelling reasons that can help you make an informed decision. 

Access to a Broader Pool of Talent 

One of the biggest advantages of having a recruitment agency is getting access to a larger and richer pool of talent than most in-house recruiters can manage on their own. Staffing firms have professional recruiters with strong talent pipelines. This makes them the ideal partner when it comes to accessing talent beyond local or geographical limits.

Many larger firms can offer you access to a much larger talent pool. Thanks to their own refined hiring protocols, you don’t have to wait to see how a new hire scores against your performance appraisal methods. Working with a good staffing partner means you’re getting access to the best quality candidates. These hires are more likely to be better performers as well as more likely to be successful long-term workers.  

Get Greater Workforce Flexibility

There are many bottlenecks in an in-house recruitment process, and one of them is the difference between a candidate’s expectations and what you are offering in terms of a potential role. Obviously, most candidates would prefer a permanent position and the security that comes with it. This can often lead to inefficiencies and delays while recruiters struggle to fill temp or contract-to-hire roles from an already limited talent pool.

Hiring a specialized temporary role, such as for cybersecurity consulting can often prove to be even more challenging. A staffing partner already has a deep pipeline of candidates from which to source candidates. These firms have a greater probability of locating flexible candidates that are willing to fill the role, as you need it. This frees you from having to allocate time and resources in sourcing, screening, and interviewing candidates. Instead, you can move directly to onboarding the most suitable candidate your agency sources. 

Locate the Right Technical Talent 

In-house recruiters can often struggle when trying to fill a technical or specialized role. Of course, most recruiters are fairly well versed in the recruitment process and offering a better candidate experience. Unfortunately, their expertise may not often extend to an intimate understanding of more technical roles. For example, it could be possible for a bad candidate with limited knowledge of IT to convince a general recruiter that they are the best prospect for an information security role.

If this happens, you could have a bad hire on your hands in a very sensitive role. The risk can often turn out to be a huge problem down the road. Luckily, specialized recruiters such as IT staffing agencies have professionals who have a deep understanding of the role and the knowledge required to identify a good hire. This can help you source the best technical talent available, with a much lower risk of a bad hire. 

Offer a Better Hiring Experience 

To make a successful and high-performing team, your hiring process needs to be fast and efficient. Candidates don’t like waiting too long for a callback. If your process is too slow or lacks the capacity to efficiently deal with things like high-volume recruitment, you could be too slow in reaching out to your best prospects. You may find that some of your ideal candidates have already moved on to other employers because they assumed they weren’t going to hear from you. They will also remember this as a bad hiring experience, which can often impair your chances of attracting quality talent in the future.

In other words, you need to have a faster and more efficient recruitment process. It should be built around offering the best possible candidate experience from the interview to onboarding the new hire. Working with a staffing partner allows you to delegate the grunt work, such as the initial sourcing, sorting through applicants, and screening candidates for interviews. You can then direct the freed resources to work on delivering a better candidate experience, including reaching out to potential hires as quickly as possible. 

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