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Recruiting employees for your remote team isn’t as easy as you might think. Whether a mortgage staffing agency or an IT company, there are many different problems that hiring managers face, from applicant sourcing to onboarding.

Moreover, due to an increase in remote jobs, qualified employees sometimes receive more than one job offer. How do you attract top-performing remote workers? Let’s find out!

Five Ways to Attract Top Remote Talent

To attract competent and reliable talent, employers must devise smart and effective talent acquisition and recruitment strategies. Here are five of the ways that can help you acquire top talent for your remote team.

Train Your Hiring Staff

In a traditional setting, recruiting managers know how to establish relationships with job seekers and assess their capabilities. However, hiring remote talent is unique, as most of the potential candidates will be interviewed and assessed online.

This is a real challenge for recruiters as they struggle to maximize their remote interviews, simply because everything from having conversations to hosting competence evaluation exams is performed on the internet. As such, it is vital for you to ensure that the hiring managers are trained and prepared to conduct remote job interviews.

As more companies are hiring remote employees, you should equip your recruiting personnel with the right skill set, and techniques to ensure the retention of such high-performing employees.

Develop a Remote Work Policy

Whether you follow a centralized or decentralized recruitment model, developing a clear remote work policy is essential for recruiting the right talent for your business. The document should clearly define what the rules and requirements are. This will help ensure that every candidate understands the conditions of remote work, making it easier for them to know if the opportunity suits them.

When searching for remote staff, or posting a certain job virtually, make it clear to your potential employees that they can work according to a flexible schedule. It is critical for you to provide applicants with a clear picture of how you foster a sense of belonging and homogeneity among your remote workers.

Develop Clear Job Descriptions

Candidates apply for a job after reviewing the job description. You must compose clear and concise job descriptions to attract qualified employees. The primary distinction of a remote job description is that it requires additional conditions such as time zones and geographic locations. An ideal job description for a remote position should have the following elements:

  • Appropriate job title
  • Job functions
  • Remote job expectations
  • Process of application

Emphasize on Employee Development Plan

Applicants favor remote work because it enables them to enjoy a better work-life balance, time efficiency, and flexibility among other perks. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t value climbing the professional ladder.

When you hire resources to fill remote positions, create and share a long-term employee development plan with them. This will quickly make them appreciate that your company is earnest about their long-term professional growth.

In today’s remote work environment, employees want their employers to treat them fairly by rewarding good behavior rather than penalizing poor conduct. Consider the incentive structures in place when outlining each job description.

Offer a Good Remote Work Set Up

It is necessary to have a good and productive working environment at home. In the absence of the right ergonomics, like a good chair and computer, employees can experience issues like neck and back discomfort and overall lack of productivity.

This can lead to severe consequences in both work performance and quality of life. Ensure your remote workforce is both comfortable and productive while working from home.

You may award stipends to enable them to invest in better work equipment such as lights, chairs, speakers, and headphones.


Effective recruitment is essential for business success. However, the job market is becoming more and more competitive, especially for remote talent. Nevertheless, you can adhere to the above tips to hire competent remote employees.

If your current strategy isn’t getting the desired results, partnering with a staffing agency in Pittsburgh could help you not only find a suitable resource for the job, but also implement a winning strategy for long-term employee retention.

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