Why You Need a Staffing Agency to Meet Your Telecom Hiring Needs

The global telecommunications industry is one of the largest and most essential industries the modern world has ever known. As of 2020, there are over 7.7 billion active broadband subscriptions across the globe, a massive increase from the 3.3 billion subscriptions in place just five years ago. The United States is home to some of the biggest names in telecommunication, such as AT&T, Charter Spectrum, and Cox Communications.

Building on competitive technological advantages as well as deploying massive resources to build and expand infrastructure capacity, the United States has one of the highest penetration ratios in the world when it comes to telecommunication services.

Reasons to Partner with a Staffing Firm for Telecommunications Hiring

With a large number of telecommunication providers sharing a very limited pool of available talent, hiring managers are often faced with delays and setbacks in sourcing talent for open telecommunication roles. Moreover, telecom headhunters are often on the prowl, looking to steal away some of the brightest talent on the market. In the face of a very competitive hiring environment and rapidly changing industry trends, it may be in your best interest to partner with a specialized firm like CGT Staffing to meet your hiring needs. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Expertise in Specialized Hiring
  2. More Cost-Effective Than In-House Hiring
  3. Access to a Deeper and More Diverse Talent Pool
  4. Industry-Savvy Recruiters
  5. Better Long-Term Value

Let’s take a closer look at these below.

Expertise in Specialized Hiring

A full-service staffing agency is usually equipped with everything it needs to source, screen, and deliver candidates. Since their core competency is placing suitable candidates with their client partners, such firms have often acquired significant expertise in their respective fields. This is especially useful when your telecommunications company wants to recruit candidates for specialized or technical roles that may not be as easy to fill as generalized roles. Firms like CGT Staffing have decades of experience in filling specialized technical roles, ensuring your business and process continuity is not affected.

More Cost-Effective Than In-House Hiring

In manufacturing circles, businesses often have to deal with the make-or-buy decision. Should they manufacture a product in-house? Or should they outsource production to a third-party? The answer lies a more cost-efficient solution, both in the long term as well as the short term. The same principle applies to your hiring function. Maintaining an in-house hiring process can be quite a significant expense.

On the other hand, a telecom staffing partner will be more cost-effective in that you just pay them for their services. They handle all the tasks related to hiring for an open role and can deliver candidates much more efficiently and with a better success ratio.

Access to a Deeper and More Diverse Talent Pool

Tech companies like Google and Apple grew exponentially not just because they had a great idea, but because they also had great employees, thanks to careful IT staffing. However, in many cases, hiring managers only have access to a small, limited pool of talent, often consisting of local candidates. Settling will only put your company at a disadvantage, and can often result in hiring bias and a homogenized workforce.

Your staffing partner is likely to have access to a much broader and much more diverse talent pool. This puts them in a strong position to deliver candidates with innovative ideas and diverse thought processes. This diversity in talent is extremely valuable, as it paves the way for new ideas, new solutions, and new processes in the workplace, propelling your business toward growth and innovation.

Industry-Savvy Recruiters

Working with professional recruiters has one extremely useful advantage for telecommunication companies. Many of these recruiters have extensive experience in the telecommunications industry, which means they have a deep understanding of a role and what type of candidate it requires. This allows them to refine their hiring strategies, and deliver the right candidate for the job every time. With extensive knowledge of the industry and emerging trends, professional telecom recruiters can deliver talent that allows your company to position itself better.

Better Long-Term Value

Simply filling a role is not enough. An employee must also add value to the role and workplace. That is why people analytics focuses so much on the length of employment with a company. Individuals that leave roles skew your employee turnover rate. In the end, you haven’t just lost an employee, but also have to now expend more resources in finding a replacement. A much better and more cost-effective alternative is to trust your staffing partner.

Firms like CGT Staffing spend time understanding the specifics of your business and culture, not just the specifics of an open role. This enables us to deliver candidates who have long-term goals and ambitions that align with your long-term business goals. These employees are more likely to stay with you and continue to add value to the workplace with their skills and expertise.

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