CGT Staffing Harnesses Automation to Deliver Qualified Candidates to Its Clients

Pittsburgh, United States (October 17, 2023) — In the rapidly evolving landscape of talent identification and acquisition, recruitment processes have undergone a profound transformation as a result of the prominent rise and evolution of automation. CGT Staffing, a national full-service staffing agency, views the future of recruitment through the lens of automation technologies, and their resulting benefits, challenges, and future implications.

Automation is revolutionizing how we approach the identification and delivery of our sole product: talented people,” explains Bill Welge, President and CEO of CGT Staffing. “Automation allows us to narrow the margin for error, to expand on our success, to focus on strategic decision-making and above all, to optimize candidate and client engagement. The end result is a more efficient, pleasant, and productive experience for our candidates, our clients, and our own team. It creates a diverse network of ‘Raving Fans’ at every level.

Leveraging a manifold automation strategy comprised of industry-leading Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, automated sourcing systems, pre-screening assessments, and web-based scheduling tools significantly reduces the time required to complete repetitive and time-consuming tasks, allowing CGT Staffing’s recruiting specialists to focus their efforts on strategic decision-making and the establishment of lasting professional relationships with viable candidates. Conversely, it enables CGT Staffing’s sales team to invest more time into their clients, in order to better understand and anticipate their needs, culture and the long-term outlook of each organization.

“We see the positive impacts of automation every day,” says Welge. “It allows us to reinvest in energy and focus solely on our partners, to deliver a best-in-class experience for our candidates and a white-glove service for our clients. Achieving a lasting partnership whereby both parties make a professional commitment for the long term is never easy, especially in today’s market. We commit to anything that can be done to facilitate that more often, and to make it easier and more exciting for all involved to achieve that ultimate goal.”

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Founded in 2009, CGT Staffing, formerly CompuGroup Technologies, is a national full-service staffing firm based in the greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area.


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