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With intensive focus on personalized service and domain knowledge, CGT Staffing facilitates the merger of qualified candidates with growing companies.

Pittsburgh, United States (June 13, 2023) – As businesses continue to strive for efficiency, determining proper staffing needs can be a daunting task. Leveraging years of experience in staff augmentation and optimization, CGT Staffing recognizes the challenges inherent to organizations of every size, across a myriad of industries.

We view ourselves as more than a staffing company, and strive to develop a holistic view of every business with whom we partner,” Bill Welge, President and CEO of CGT Staffing. “Working in close conjunction with our clients, we seek to understand the business and relational dynamics first – they inform everything we do, from the talent pool we leverage, to the vetting, interview prep, and onboarding that we conduct with our candidates and on behalf of our clients. Ultimately, if we don’t secure that mutual best fit for all involved, no one wins.”

In striking an equitable balance between overstaffing and understaffing at any organization, it is critical to develop a comprehensive understanding of the productivity and efficiency of the current workforce. Quantifiable metrics such as output, project completion time, and overall performance provide actionable insight into the current state of business. Likewise, these metrics are the foundation for any roadmap relative to growth, expansion, or acquisition. High turnover rates, for example, are a sure sign of underlying staffing issues. Understanding these critical metrics ensures a stable workforce, upon whom an organization can depend to navigate the pressures of daily business and future expansion.

Many businesses experience seasonal fluctuations or cyclical trends that demand staffing flexibility. Analyzing historical data to identify patterns and trends helps to identify peak periods and plan for staffing requirements well in advance. Deloitte’s 2022 survey of CEOs concluded that skills and labor shortages were the second most cited factor relative to business strategy disruption. “The principal benefit of contract work is two-fold,” says Welge. “First, it affords tremendous flexibility, both for the consultant, our employee, and the business, our client. Second, it enables companies to better manage their personnel investments and asset allocation. It affords a trial period for both parties, to determine if the role and the individual in that role are a fit.”

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Founded in 2009, CGT Staffing is a national full-service staffing firm based in the greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area.

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